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Jugoslovensko rečno brodarstvo

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Jugoslovensko recno brodarstvo AD (Yugoslav River Shipping) operates on navigable rivers in Serbia and abroad.
Main operations are on the Danube river, between the ports in Ukraine and Romania (Constantza) and those in Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany (Regensburg).
Over 90% of JRB's inland operations are being operated internationally.


Through its representative offices and agencies along the Sava and Danube, Jugoslovensko recno brodarstvo AD (Yugoslav River Shipping) is offering a wide variety of services to ships and ship's crew.


Besides repairing ships and other vessels for its own needs, Jugoslovensko recno brodarstvo AD (Yugoslav River Shipping) provides external maintenance services for its clients, as passenger so and cargo ships.

Other services

Besides river transportation of cargo, Jugoslovensko recno brodarstvo AD (Yugoslav River Shipping) offers a variety of other services.
The following services are distinguished by their attractiveness: leasing of passenger ships and renting office space.


grbJRBredizajniranJRB AD Beograd
(Yugoslav River Shipping)

Kneza Miloša 82,

11000 Beograd, Srbija
Tel. 011/3617-040

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